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This is the third in a series of guest reviews for playonlinepool.com. A player from our site was asked to go to PoolSharks.com and review the site and the game that they saw. It's a little over-the-top but at least it's positive! Cool


PoolSharks.com Review - Online Pool Site Review

It’s after work and you are sitting in front of the computer or laptop, trying to find something to do.  If you are looking for an entertaining online game to play, you should check out PoolSharks.com .  When you visit the site for the first time, the sleek design and feel of the website let’s you know immediately that this isn’t your average online game site.   No, this site is more adult and for serious pool players. But, PoolSharks.com isn’t just for pool players; it’s also for those who play or are interested in learning how to play snooker.  Yet, before you can jump in on the excitement, you must create an account. 

And, for those who are new to PoolSharks.com or online gaming, this site is very user-friendly.  So, you click on “Getting Started,” and you see step by step how to download and install Pool Sharks.  Unlike most other free downloads, PoolSharks.com guarantees their download is safe and 100% free of spyware and adware.   So, you are able to download Pool Sharks and begin playing in minutes without worrying about unnecessary junk on you laptop or computer.  After installation, you are only required to create a user ID and password in order to start playing, but if you give a valid email address, you are given a $2.00 bonus as an incentive.

PoolSharks.com takes a lot of the anxieties out of playing online games.  The home page boasts the site’s security and takes it a step further to display that the site is hacker safe, and tested daily to ensure ongoing safety.  Yet, you don’t have to play for money; you can also play for fun, if you prefer to get more acquainted or better skilled. For those that are still a little hesitant about giving up banking or credit card information online, the PoolSharks.com website is able to facilitate the use of PayPal, MoneyBookers, and Neteller.  Actually, the site seems to be designed with the player in mind, because the FAQ or frequently asked questions section is comprehensive.  As it, encompasses every possible concern a new player may have, from not being able to run the game after it is downloaded to understanding how commissions are taken.  The site also allows you to choose a language, as to prevent language barriers that may be critical to understanding and opponent, rules, or other vital information.

With three different variations of snooker and four types of pool, PoolSharks.com is equipped to challenge any skill level.  And, if you are new to either game, you can simply click on it to see the rules for all of the pool and snooker games that you can play on PoolSharks.com.  If you are the competitive type, PoolSharks.com has tournaments for both snooker and pool. 

PoolSharks.com is a website for the “grown folks.”  There are no chats bombarding when you visit the site.  No, annoying pop-up ads.  The website has a look and feel that’s screams business casual.  So, you are able to play seriously, or just relax after a long day.

Play PoolSharks.com today - Click Here! 

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