Candystand - Billiards Classic E-mail
Here's another site you might be interested in playing billiards online on. It's They have a game called Billiards Classic which seems to be

a whole lot of fun.CandyStand Classic Billiards

 One of the issues I did have with getting into the billiards game was needing to download the shockwave plugin (as I am using the Firefox Browser to play billiards) so it took a few minutes of sorting out the correct plugin before I was actually able to play the game itself.



 There's a lot of fun to be had on

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Pool Game Newsflash

Winning pool tournaments
Today was a hard lesson on what not to do in a long online pool tournament. Playing in a large tournament requires a serious amount of patience and a lot of concentration. I was playing in a tournament for about three hours and managed to lose a major game for no other reason than that I was talking to other people in my house at the same time as trying to shoot some good shots in the game.