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Today I found a very interesting pool comps site (poolcomps.com). They seem to have a large number of both free to play online pool games as well as pay for play pool games.

I've sent the management an email to see if they are considering setting up accounts that will allow one pool player to refer another pool player and receive some form of compensation for it but haven't heard back from them yet. I'll let people here know if they decide to go ahead with this. The best advantage for referring a player is that a whole bunch of pool players and friends can easily get together to form their own community within a particular site. There are not enough online pool sites out there at the moment that have the ability to only see the players or friends that you want to see online.

UPDATE, Oct 2008 - At some stage in October 2008 Pool Comps ceased trading.


Games with a great community – the world of poker on the net


Another great community online, besides the online pool crowed, is the online poker community. There’s tons of bloggers and help resources that will get you started, but can also help you avoid the most common traps. It’s important that you keep track on your performance in the poker games, especially if you are playing poker with real money. So a word from the wise, start by searching online for help resources and poker players blogs, it can really help your stats.


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Pool Game Newsflash

Basic compared to premium pool accounts
When signing up at places like Pool Sharks you will usually have the option to either join with a basic account or a premium account. The best advice for joining is to start with signing up for a basic account just to make sure you are happy with the way the sites systems work. Then quickly (probably after only a few games) move to one of the premium pool accounts as this will give you the true benefit of what the site has to offer.